Truckee River & Virginia St. Bridge

Moving the Virginia Street Bridge

The Virginia Street Bridge in downtown Reno is being rebuilt in a hurry as El Nino looms.  We are doing some maping and photography of the project and may end up with some before and after photos.

sjff_01_img0326dt.common.streams.StreamServerThe Virginia Street Bridge has been a famous focal point in down Reno, NV for nearly a hundred years.  During Reno’s stint as the Divorce Capital of the world in the 30’s to 60’s pilgrims to Reno would be required to become residents (3 to 6 weeks) before getting a quicky divorce.  Often famous movie stars and wealthy pre-singles would rent bungalows located in the downtown area or stay in the many hotels in the downtown area.  It was a big party reflected in the 1960’s movie The Misfits staring Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift.  To get from the court house back to Reno was just a walk across the bridge and the story or many wedding rings being flung from the bridge into the Truckee River were legendary.

bildeJump forward to 1997 and add our old friend El Nino.  Much of downtown Reno was flooded by the more than ample rainfall.  The downtown area was largely totalled.  Much of the riverwalk corridor was rebuilt in the disaster’s wake.  One of the major barriers to the flooding river was the Virginia Street Bridge itself and thus, it’s rebuilt is in anticipation of another flood… which might be sooner than planned.

As you know, we are in a drought.  At present the chances of El Nino occurring this winter is roughly 98% according to NOAA and it’s power is said to be roughly 120% of 1997’s El Nino.  El Nino is therefor happening, but it is important to point out that scientists cannot predict the EFFECT it will provide.  That said, better get that bridge done quickly!  At present the river has many coffer dams and the bridge is being built on the street with plans to move it over the bridge once completed.

To find out more about the project go Here.  We thought we’d add some mapping to it using the latest in UAS mapping technology. Below is a 3D fly-though of a map we created using our IRIS+ and post processed using PIX4D.

Progress as of 10/13/2015 – The bridge is rolling across the river at about 6 inches an hour.






Stay tuned!

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