What we fly

Our toys
These are the rotor copters and fixed wing aircraft we make and fly.

Each project may be unique and require a specific payload or flight profile to best accomplish the costumer’s goals.  We have a variety of sensors and aircraft that can cover project requirements from small to large; from cameras to a multi-sensor flight package.  We often customize our aircraft specifically for a project, so our 3D printer is usually busy making specialized components.

It’s important to know what you’ll be doing before you decide what you’ll be flying to do it.  This may sound pretty obvious, but laying out the build for a UAV without specifically determining the capabilities you are looking for can get you into a lot of trouble pretty quickly.   AboveGeo maintains federal airworthiness and permission to fly over 1400 different aircraft.   These are some of the aircraft we fly and the reason we use them.

IMG_0190-small3DR Iris+

Our original FAA 333 Commercial License was granted to one of our Iris+ drones three years ago.  Although a bit dated, we continue to use the Iris line for pilot training.  AboveGeo’s small camera drones have been retrofitted for various operations such as inspection and photography with first person downlink via 5.8ghz


DJI S-900 and Tarrot Hexacopters

AboveGeo has a variety of large hexacopters equipped with gimbals, multi-sensor payload capabilities, and downlinks.  When carrying our largest cameras using a hex we have the ability to collect data resulting in resolutions within one centimeter.  These versatile airframes can carry any and all of our sensor packages at the same time.

ToughWing UAV Mapper

For Agricultural mapping projects we use one of various Delta Wings including the ToughWing UAV Mapper.  This rugged wing can break down for easy travel, carries a variety of sensors and safety measures that insure it can survive rough field treatment and occasional bump on landing without causing excessive down-time or costly data loss.

DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 4 Pro’s

When it comes to reliable camera footage and small scale work for maps, the Phantom 4 Pro is a stalwart and reliable member of our fleet.  Our multiple Phantom 4’s flight records show that we flew a combined 475 miles with Phantom 4’s in 2017!  Some of Phantom 3’s have been retrofitted with specialized camera filters for specific project types and they are ready to go at a moment’s notice.

 Bergin Twin, Intrepid & Observer

Our highly customized gas powered helicopters are used with heavy payloads in a variety of long flight missions using LiDAR and hypersepectral cameras.  AboveGeo intends to use gas powered helicopters for beyond line of sight trials within the year.  These beasts are easily transported via commercial airlines.  They are the heavy hitters and require a specialized flight crew for maximized performance with extremely expensive and specialized payloads.

IMG_0153-small IMG_0150-small


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