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These are the rotor copters and fixed wing aircraft we make and fly.


It’s important to know what you’ll be doing before you decide what you’ll be flying to do it.  This may sound pretty obvious, but laying out the build for a UAV without specifically determining the capabilities you are looking for can get you into a lot of trouble pretty quickly.  These are the aircraft we fly and the reason we use them.  AboveGeo maintains federal airworthiness and permission to fly over 1400 different aircraft.  These are some that we see for commercial applications.

IMG_0190-small3DR Iris+

AboveGeo’ small camera drones have been retrofitted for various operations such as inspection and photography with first person downlink via 5.8ghz



182921222Cinetank Mk2-L

The Cinetank is primarily used for long range First Person View (FPV) capability.  Useful for inspections and exploration of new areas such as search and rescue missions, the Cinetank can fly long range missions.  It has a PixHawk flight controller just as the Iris+ does, but includes much more broad features such as range and flight time.


IMG_0125-smallHexacopter Foldable Frame

AboveGeo has a variety of large hexacopters equipped with gimbals, multi-sensor payload capabilities, and downlinks.  When carrying our largest cameras using a hex we have the ability to collect data resulting in resolutions within one centimeter.  These versatile airframes can carry any and all of our sensor packages at the same time.

skywakerSkywalker 1830

The Skywalker provides a lightweight platform for individual sensors intended for long and distant flights.  Capable of missions beyond the line of sight to the range of 5 or 10 miles, the Skywalker will be the focus of upcoming beyond the line of site trials in partnership with the Nevada UAS test range.


20160315_122328Sweepwings Juggernaut

AboveGeo is developing an autonomous fixed wing platform specifically for precision agriculture and industrial mapping in extremely hostile environments.  This aircraft is intended for automated use by our on-site customers on a “leave it behind” basis.  The workflow for end to end mapping has been reduced from 45 steps to 5.  AboveGeo intends to manufacture these for sale in the upcoming year.


cubCarbonZ Cub

AboveNV’s 7.5′ wingspan Carbon Z series has demonstrated capabilities carrying multi-sensor payloads and landing on Nevada’s often challenging “runways.”  Generally speaking, when landing options are limited to sharp rocks or dense sagebrush, we choose a bush-plane.

 Bergin Intrepid & Observer

Our gas powered helicopters are used with heavy payloads used in a variety of long flight missions using LiDAR, magnetometers, and ground penetrating radar.  AboveGeo intends to use gas powered helicopters for beyond line of sight trials within the year.

IMG_0153-small IMG_0150-small


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