Teacher’s Teaching Teachers how to write code using Drones

Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle Computer Science Institute will be holding a FREE class for Northwestern Nevada teachers providing instruction and resources for teaching how to write code for Drones.  Beginners welcome!  SPACES STILL AVAILABLE! 

IntroUAVs 600x400General Information:

– For teachers in grades 6 -12 from Carson, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Storey and Washoe Counties.

– 2 middle school teachers (any grade 6 – 8 teacher) and 2 high school teachers from each of the six

   counties served by the Northwest Regional Professional Development Program are eligible (24 total).

– Hands-on institute beginning Wednesday, August 17, 2016.

– Online computer programming and 3-D Modeling class provided for participating teachers during and after

   the institute and for their students at their school and/or home for a year.

– Participants will learn to operate, troubleshoot and program aerial and underwater vehicles.

– Each participating teacher will receive a Parrot Rolling Spider Minidrone.

– Each participating teacher will receive a waterproof / shock resistant digital camera for classroom use.

– Sets of Parrot Minidrones, Phantom 3 Aerial Vehicles and OpenROV 2.8 Underwater Vehicles available to

  checkout by participating teachers for use in your classroom with your students.

– Participating teachers receive funds for bus transportation for your class to travel to water source for

   study (i.e. local lake, pond, wetland).

  • 3 – 5 Nevada State Inservice credits MAY be offered – TBD

– Instructors: Dr. Alex Forrest from the University of California, Davis, Tahoe Environmental Research

  Center, Sheila Crawford-Bunch from ncLab, Kirk Ellern from AboveNV, Brian Crosby and Lou Loftin from NWRPDP.

– Dates/Times: August 17th and 18th 4:30pm – 9:00pm / August 20th (Saturday), 8am – 5pm / August 24th and 25th 4:30pm – 9:00pm / August 27th (Saturday) 8am – 5pm / Friday, September 9th and Saturday, September 10th 8:00am – 5pm (Friday’s sub paid for) / Friday, September 16th (sub paid) and Saturday, September 17th 8am – 5pm / Saturday, October 14th 8am – 5pm. Follow-up sessions TBD

– Follow-up training and consultation provided throughout the school year.

– Location: Regional Center For Teaching and Learning, 380 Edison Way, Reno, the Tahoe Environmental

  Research Center, Lake Tahoe, and at locations suitable for piloting aerial and underwater vehicles.


Questions? Contact: Brian Crosby – bcrosby@washoeschools.net  or 775-240-1989


Funded by Nevada State College and Career Ready Grant

From the Nevada State Department of Education


Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle

Computer Science Institute (NSUAVCSI)


Application Instructions


How to Apply

  • Complete the application form
  • Have your principal sign the endorsement page
  • Return completed application to Brian Crosby :

Email: bcrosby@washoeschools.net


Evaluation Criteria

  • Completeness of application (including the submission of a principal endorsement)
  • Submission by the application deadline: August 5, 2016 at 5 PM PST
  • Evidence of commitment by the applicant to professional development
  • Evidence of a planned positive effect on the applicant’s classroom instruction
  • Must be employed as a full-time certified teacher in Nevada for the 2016/17 school year

Responsibilities of Participants

  • Teachers selected for this program will be expected to provide their own transportation to/from the institute locations.
  • Teachers selected for this program will be expected to participate fully and constructively in all activities scheduled as part of the program, including all follow-up sessions
  • Teachers selected for the program will be expected to share lessons and resources developed during the institute.
  • All applicants will be notified on or before July 6th regarding their acceptance into the institute.


Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle

Computer Science Institute (NSUAVCSI)

Application – Page 1


Please Type or Print Neatly


Full Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________________


Email Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________


Home Address:____________________________________________________________________________________________


Home/Cell Phone(best contact number):____________________________________________________________


School Name & District:_________________________________________________________________________________


School Address:___________________________________________________________________________________________


School Phone: ___________________________________________  School Fax:__________________________________


Grade Level and Subject(s) Taught___________________________________________________________________


Anticipated Grade Level/Subject Assignment for 2016/17________________________________________


Years teaching   First year  2-5 years     6-10 years     11-15 years     16+ years


Principal’s Name:_________________________________________________________________________________________


Leadership Position(s) Held:___________________________________________________________________________


Current Teaching Certification(s):____________________________________________________________________


Degrees Earned: __________________________________________________________________________________________


Free and Reduced Lunch Participation of your school site (in %): _____________________________


Ethnicity of School Student Population (in %): ____________________________________________________
















STEM Application – Page 2


  1. Why are you interested in participating in NSUAVCSI?










  1. How do you think the content and activities of NSUAVCSI will positively impact your teaching?










  1. In what way will your school or district benefit from your participation in NSUAVCSI?










  1. What areas of science are you/will you be responsible for teaching?



















STEM Application – Page 3


Principals – Please return to applicant for submission


Principal’s Endorsement of Teacher Participation in the

Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle

Computer Science Institute (NSUAVCSI)



TEACHER APPLICANT: ___________________________________________________________________


The teacher named above is applying for participation in the

Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle Computer Science Institute (NSUAVCSI)


Participating teachers will be involved in professional development relating to implementing the Next Generation Science Standards. The application process requires teachers to secure the endorsement of their principals using this form.


By your signature below, you –

  • endorse this teacher as a participant in the NSUAVCSI
  • confirm that this teacher is a certified, full-time teacher at your school and is planning on returning 2016/17
  • affirm that this teacher is encouraged to share the knowledge and skills gained from this professional development with others in a spirit of constructive collaboration
  • affirm that this teacher is encouraged to use the knowledge and skills gained from this professional development in the classroom



Principal’s Signature______________________________________________________________________


Principal’s Name (Printed)_______________________________________________________________


Date: __________________________________________




Should you have any questions about the

Nevada STEM Underwater and Aerial Vehicle Computer Science Institute, contact:

Brian Crosby at 775-240-1989 or email: bcrosby@washoesc