Aerial Mapping & Survey

Drones as a Service: Aerial Photography, Mapping, and Data Collection.


Our professional services include both multi-rotor and fixed wing based mapping and survey work.  We create orthomosaics, 3D maps, thermal, elevation and Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) images, which are taken with cameras that can see in both the visual and the near-infrared spectrum.



AboveNV is a full service Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) company, insured and federally licensed for professional aerial photography, photogrammetry, orthophotography, volume computations, digital terrain models and post processing services.


A great resource for learning more about various types of maps and missions capable of UAV’s can be found in Faine Greenwood’s Chapter 4, HOW TO MAKE MAPS WITH DRONES of World of Drones series on DRONES AND AERIAL OBSERVATION

As professional pilots with a pending 333 Exemption from the FAA, years of experience as RC operators, and a large fleet of aerial robotics we focus on mapping and surveying as one of the industries most relevant applications in this stage of the UAV application growth curve.    Despite the legal grey area surrounding the commercial use of drones we maintain a fleet of professional grade multi-copters, camera’s, gimbals, and sensors used to do all kinds of missions.  The main issue is safety, communications with other aircraft, and pilot skill.

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