Aerial Photography & Asset Inspections


Low altitude photography and inspections.IMG_0877 (2)Low altitude photography can provide a variety of new perspectives and vantage points for a variety of applications.  whether it’s wedding photos or real estate photography or something less exciting such as roof and infrastructure inspections, getting AboveNV  is the name of the game.  Each “mission” type has a different approach but we’re got the equipment, can teach you how to use it, and we’re ready, willing and able.

drone-photographyAerial Photography is a pretty broad definition of AboveNV’s services.  We have the tools and equipment (+legal status) to provide professional quality results based on your individual needs.  Perhaps you have a one time event that could use some great photos or would like to see professional work with the expectation of learning to use your own “drone” once you are ready.  We can even teach you how to do it yourself and guide you toward getting your own “legal” status as a “professional”.

We should state, hoever, that the founders of AboveNV are not professional photographers, nor are we equipped to provide footage for cinematics and television commercials.  In higher end missions like those, we recommend either a professional photographer to subcontract out to us, or we can refer you to some very high end UAV pilots who have both the equipment and production experience to suit your needs.  Give us a call.  We’ll get your there.


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