GIS Manager / Consulting

AboveGeo is an end to end data collection and analysis company using unmanned aerial vehicles for projects surrounding a variety of fields including engineering, ecology, mining, and agriculture. We are looking for a GIS Manager to join our management team at the founding level with growing responsibilities in line with Company growth. Initially, this will be a consulting position with the opportunity to expand as the business grows.

GIS Manager Creates a clear vision for enterprise GIS deployment to support organizational goals. This individual has a broad knowledge of GIS and remote sensing applications, capabilities, and system requirements. He or she will also be responsible for planning the overall structure of GIS systems within the organization including image processing, orthorectification, generation of 3-dimensional point clouds, and delivery of high-quality mapping products for clients. Delivery of end products will likely involve a combination of hard-copy maps, digital maps, and web applications. A working knowledge of land surveying techniques, image analysis, and geodetic control principles is also needed. This role may also entail:

  • Management of GIS projects, staff, and budget
  • Development of the GIS database, customer outputs, and applications
  • Organization Leadership/Management -Sets the vision and strategic business goals for the organization; controls IT purchases and holds budget approval for training and professional development.
  • Intimate working knowledge of remote sensing and/or digital image processing techniques, datasets, and issues surrounding real-world application of remote sensing
  • Ability to process vast datasets using parallel processing and some experience dealing with big data
  • GIS Administration/Technical – Responsible for application design and administration of the GIS and image processing platforms
  • Compiling and integrating map data for automation from diverse sources such as existing maps, aerial photography, and satellite imagery
  • Thorough knowledge of coordinate systems and experience aligning data in disparate systems (i.e. CAD and GIS data)
  • Evaluate new techniques and business opportunities for various vertical markets
  • Designing high-quality map and graphic products for output by the GIS system, including web applications
  • Preparing initial work and cost estimates for GIS development activities
  • Conducting in-house training and tracking progress on system implementation and application projects


  • Significant experience in GIS, Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry, and Surveying related projects
  • Significant experience with GIS software such as ArcGIS, QGIS, GRASS, R, and others
  • Working knowledge of renewable resource management field techniques and land management issues

Bonus Points

  • Resource management (ecology, botany)
  • Structure from Motion
  • IT Infrastructure Development

About You

You are self-motivated and enthusiastic about building a business in a start-up environment focused on new technologies. This position will initially be an advisory role developing into a full-time position and expanding as the Company expands its operations. Flexibility in an unknown world is essential. You are capable of strategic problem-solving in a dynamic, rapidly evolving, and always changing industry.   You are curious and interested in a wide variety of science-related disciplines to the point of building your own <insert thing> just to see if you can.

About Us

AboveGeo is a lean startup Drone Services and Data Analysis Company located in Reno, NV.  Over the past two years, we have developed our aerial platforms and the business relationships to enable very rapid growth as our customer base adopts new technologies which reshape multiple markets.  We use cutting edge technologies and tools from multiple disciplines to provide our customers with actionable information.   See more about our company at