2D & 3D Mapping for Mining and Survey

We used the results from a large scale project at Big Springs Mine to demonstrate several 2D and 3D mapping procedures with a variety of different software tools and drone collected data.  This project was for Anova Metals and more information on their project can be found on their web site.  We are working with mining engineering software to incorporate the drilling samples as well.

This documentary describes the collection, processing, and outputs provided for Anova Metals.

This is a preliminary fly over of the property.  You can see the structure of the pit wall extends right through the mountain and out the other side.

This is an example of a three dimensional map of some rock outcrops near Reno


Here is the map of the main pit.  Zoom in to see more details.

These are some of the individual pictures of the pit wall which were used to create the photomosaics, 2D and 3D maps.












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